Film Makers

Dani Menkin


Wrote, produced and directed the award-winning HBO/Cinemax documentary, 39 PoundsOf Love (USA, 2006). Todd Schwartz from CBS called it "The best documentary of the year". The film won the Academy Award for Best Documentary in Israel and was also the Best Documentary short list of the Oscars during the 2006 US Academy Awards.
Dani was supervising director and co-producer of the Israeli feature film The Wisdom Of The Pretzel.
Dani Menkin directed  and produced , Like Aroesti, (Israel, 1998 - the film won prizes at festivals around the U.S. and was known as the "Israeli Hoop Dreams").
Dani Menkin has created a highly acclaimed television series for The National Geographic Channel. Several episodes were bought by the Adventure One Network for broadcast in the US and around the World (1999 – 2002}.  Dani was also a writer, director and producer with the successful television program UVDA (1998 – 2004), which is known as the "Israeli 60 Minutes"
In 2010 he produced and directed his first feature film "Je taime I Love You Terminal" – winner of the distribution award at the Haifa Film Festival.

Yonatan Nir (34)


Came to filmmaking from photojournalism and marine photography. His photo essays from many countries around the world have been featured in newspapers and magazines worldwide, and won numerous prizes, including the prestigious “Asian Geographic Best Photojournalist of the Decade Award".
Yonatan is a graduate of "Camera Obscura – school of art" (the department of film and television), and worked as a personal assistant to Amos Nachoum, expedition leader for National Geographic and a winner of the "BBC wildlife photographer of the year" competition.
Yonatan, an experienced diving instructor with over 3500 dives, worked as the underwater cameraman at "Eilat's Dolphin Reef". This is where he had first heard the story of the "Dolphin Boy".
Being injured from a land-mine, during the second Lebanon war, Yonatan is personally acquainted with the therapeutic influence of dolphins over the human soul.
He is currently directing and co-producing "Cutting Away the Pain", a documentary about a soldier, who amputates his leg in order to release himself from a mysterious pain syndrome, and from guilt feelings that he has for an event in his military past.
"Cutting Away the Pain" will be broadcasted by Israel's Channel 2 and is supported by the New Israeli Foundation for Cinema& TV.

Judith Manassen-Ramon

Manassen-Ramon's work as Director / Producer includes THREE STORIES AND A HOUSE (2005), and RING (2002) which was aired on the Israeli Documentary Channel. She was Manager and Director of the annual Tel Aviv/Los Angeles Master Class in Creative Filmmaking between 2005-2007, working with actors, directors and producers such as Alfred Molina, Jon Avnet (FRIED GREEN TOMATOES) and Cathy Schulman (CRASH) to teach and mentor Israeli and American filmmakers.
Over the last few years, Judith has developed a method which employs film as a tool to aid self expression and problem solving for adolescents. Notably, she has worked with young Ethiopian immigrants and various women's groups.
Currently, Judith is doing her PhD in Media Psychology.